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Real Estate Transactions

real estate moves This is our specialty! Sebastian Moving Atlanta has provided moving services to facilitate real estate transactions for many years. We work directly with the Realtors and Real Estate Offices. We understand the issues that may come up during real estate transactions. We work around them with our flexible scheduling and different moving and storage options. Our movers are experts at loading portable storage containers. We can store your goods at our warehouse or leave them on the truck. We will look at all angles to save you the most money. We want to assist in making your next real estate transaction a smooth one. We can customize your loading/unloading date and time to meet your needs. This will prevent problems you do not need to deal with while closing on your home. We can load your belongings in the morning and unload after 3:00 PM. We can even leave the items in the truck for a few days. This can save you a lot of money. Call Sebastian Moving Atlanta to see how we can help. Maybe portable storage would be best for your situation. We will help you make an informed decision or point you in the right direction.

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